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Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on

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Also I’m super upset about Person of Interest and Agents of Shield. I’m not suited for angst. I just want everyone to be happy. And I can practically feel the cliffhangers coming in a couple of weeks.

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Anonymous asked: Okay. I get it now. And I'm actually going to agree with you on all of it. I still ship DE but I think the writer's have made some horrible choices with them since S4 and, particularly, this season. I get it what they're trying to do, but this bunch of writers just aren't up to the task. And, it's not just DE that's getting mauled, either. It's all of the characters, the plot, they mythology. It's really sad because it used to be so good and so much fun.

Yeah, all of this :( At this point I enjoy The Originals way more, and the things I do still like about TVD are the things not related to the main triangle… that is, Caroline, Enzo, Matt and Tyler. They’re the reason I still keep up.

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Anonymous asked: Aren't you forgetting that one episode ago Elena said the same things to Damon? That being around him was too hard, she couldn't be near him in any way because it would just end up badly. So now that Elena decided she actually does need him and really can't imagine her life without him, he's supposed to magically and instantly be okay with all of it? I'm sorry, but that's silly and naive. Damon's been her friend and swallowed his feelings so many times in this show. Maybe he can't do it anymore.

If I have to be honest than yes, I probably forgot about that because I only half pay attention to new TVD episodes these days. But I don’t think either of them are in the right in this situation… I simply think the Delena relationship has run its course and it’s pointless writing a new “break up scene” every single episode when it’s been already shown so many times that they don’t work. It’s sad because this pairing had great potential once, even I shipped them in seasons 1-3… but nowadays I just find it tired. Maybe if they went a different way about it, maybe if Elena didn’t choose Stefan in the season 3 finale just to have her and Damon get together anyway in seven epiodes after that… maybe if the sire bond didn’t exist, I don’t know, but I feel like it could have been an amazing relationship but it was squandered by bad writing and poor story choices and now it’s irredeemable in my eyes. So that post I wrote was more my frustration speaking, and I don’t atually hate Damon… I just don’t even know where they’re going with this story anymore.

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As someone who has been hurt before by a guy who claimed to be in love with me but then treated me like an idiot when I admitted that I only see us as friends, and then completely disappeared from my life after he realized he won’t get anything physical out of being near me, I don’t really understand why anyone would feel bad for Damon after that episode. His attitude is beyond fucked up.

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